Boulder Customer Survey
Please base your choices on your most recent visit, where applicable.
Boulder Customer Survey
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What was the date of your visit?
Which movie did you see?
What time was your movie?
Were you acknowledged quickly when you sat in your seat?
Overall, how would you rate...
N/A Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
your experience?
the staff on being friendly and welcoming?
the server on being enthusiastic and friendly?
the overall menu selection?
the attentiveness of your server?
the taste of your food?
the value for your money?
the projection quality of your movie?
the sound quality of the theater?
the overall comfort of the theater?
the overall cleanliness of the theater?
What did you have to eat and/or drink?
The overall temperature of your food was...
N/A much too cold. somewhat too cold. just right. somewhat too hot. much too hot.
Did your server promptly attend to any follow-on orders made during the movie?
Our goal is to provide unobtrusive service. Was that goal met?
Was the bill correct?
Don't recall or N/A
Compared to other...
much worse. somewhat worse. about the same. somewhat better. much better.
RESTAURANTS in the same vicinity, would you say Cinebarre FOOD QUALITY is...
THEATERS in the same vicinity, would you say Cinebarre is...
How often do you visit...
First time Once a year or less Once every few months Once a month 2-3 times a month Once a week More than once a week
another non-Cinebarre theater?
How likely are you to return?
Absolutely will
Very likely
No way
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